As a result of my passion for young people and women, our events

 are focused at bringing value to participants through various 

interventions necessary to equip them to live life in its full 

potentials. Don’t stay back, be a part of any of these life 

transforming events.

Becoming Phenomenal 

Dare to dream? Come and let’s help to manifest your dreams/purpose with a driven mindset!!!!!!

Central Hall, Warwick Lane, Coventry CVI 2HA

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Birthing With Purpose

1 Powerful Day Virtual Webinar & 6 Amazing Speakers!

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The Power of Forgiveness

1 Powerful Day & 9 Amazing Speakers!

  • What Forgiveness Is & Is Not
  • What the Hurt Haunts
  • How to Hunt the Hurts
  • Birthing the Strength to Forgive
  • Healing Through The Process of Forgiveness
  • The Power of Forgiveness

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Power Conference For Women

Watch the space and don’t miss the Power Conference coming up soon

  • A Conference of empowerment
  • A Conference of encouragement
  • A Conference for networking with destiny partners
  • The Conference with a difference


Evolving Lives Mentorship Program Launch

Evolving Lives is a community of driven women whom I nurture and mentor daily to achieve outstanding performances in all walks of life. Click the button below to join us now.

  • Join the mentorship program
  • Get strength to live life in its full potentials
  • Get to identify life transforming opportunities within and without
  • Join the community of women with purpose

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