I’m Beatrice Christopher and fondly called QueenBea.
A BSc graduate in Human Resource Management with IT from Univeristy of Plymouth.
I was born and raised in London, a proud mother of five and a grandmother of one.
I’ve got over 10 years experience as a Bank Manager in London.
My passion for middle aged women and young people who have been in challenging situations/ relationships is exciting.

I am the CEO of EVOLVING LIVES Ltd, an NGO aimed at working with young people and their families.
I am Your Encourager, an Event consultant, Motivational Speaker (Queenbeaspeaks), a Career Counsellor, a MindReset Coach, a Facilitator and a Marketing Influencer.

I run a talkshow like no other; breaking every barrier and flipping the script with selective guest such as young entrepreneurs that I have mentored and are doing well in the community.
I am very passionate about making an impact in my community. I was also the creative coordinator for the Coventry Welcomes Festival 2019.
My Vision is for every individual to have the opportunity to live a happy stable life to achieve their full potential and to become an active citizen.
My mission is to help women and young people identify and develop their strengths and talents, and to raise resilient and success-driven adultĀ