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The Power of Forgiveness!

What hurts most is not THINGS for the pain of things is temporal, what hurt most are people, the very ones we trusted or loved. Sometimes it feels so unrealistic to forgive let alone forgetting, BUT there is a strength that makes forgiveness realistic and there is a power it releases to the Spirit, Soul and Body of the offended…it’s time to unlock it! 

11th November, 2021, 7p.m UK

What you'll learn in this Webinar

What Forgiveness Is & Is Not...

Don’t get it all wrong, learn what it means to heal the fastest way possible.

What the Hurt Haunts

There is mission every hurt from disappointments has, it haunts something within…

How to Hunt the Hurts

Don’t be the hunted, become empowered to hunt your hurts during this webinar. 

Birthing The Strength To Forgive

Everyone can, and even you! Learn how to birth the inner and outer strength to forgiveness.

Healing Through The Process of Forgiveness

There is a pathway to healing, and specialists on the subject matter with be unveiling these pathways

The Power of Forgiveness

Ultimately, the results we have seen with forgiveness from practical experiences are gems you don’t want to miss.

Our Speakers

Peace george
Author (fierce)

Peace is a Preacher and an amiable Mindset Medic. Over the years, she has consistently shown interest in Women, Family and Youths as a Purpose Physician helping them to bring purpose alive.


Coach Bims is a Trauma Survivor turned Warrior. She is the CEO of Flourish Freely Inc. And as a UK Certified Wellness Coach, she helps to heal the past and create a joyful and successful life

film maker & motivational speaker

Uche is a Public Figure and well known in the Film Industry as an Actor and Director. As an Entrepreneur, he is the C.E.O of Kennedy Jacob’s Consults Ltd and he is also known for his Philanthropic activities among other things.

dr. chi
optometrist and visionary leadership coach

Dr Chibuzor UWADI, a UK- certified and award- winning Optometrist is a fellow of the American Academy of Optometry(FAAO). She’s a visionary Leader, illuminating people’s vision and mindset and helping them become authentic leaders.

chindah chindah
founder, Limitless Life Pro Academy

Chindah is an Award Winning Motivational and Transformational Speaker, a Certified Life, Relationship, and Performance coach. An NLP Practitioner, Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Preacher, Senior IT Consultant, Passionate Youths & Young Adults Leader & Mentor

coach noble ij
founder: the beautifully broken me inc

Nobel Ij is an amiable speaker with specialisation in helping people to tap into their authentic superpowers with practical steps using her challenges as a DV advocate.

dr. linda agu
ceo- arise and shine inc

Dr. Linda is Rediscovery Coach and through her story, she helps young women come out of the pain they are going through. As a survivor of Domestic violence which resulted into lost of loved ones, she mustered strength to be a healing balm to others having being healed herself.

Olu olabode
the purpose midwife coach & co-pastor

Olu Olabode is a Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer & Coach and specifically a Purpose Coach. She finds passion in helping women of faith & women who are in Ministry who also have an assignment in the Market place.

She helps them maximize the MORE in them for impact, influence & income.

We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love," Martin Luther King Jr.

Meet the host

Hello, I'm Queen Bea

I’m a certified Speaker, facilitator, and Coach. I’ve been working with people to help them achieve their goals for over a decade.

I’m passionate about helping people find their purpose and live a life they love.

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